This Canadian has dedicated his life to cleaning up hateful and racist graffiti anywhere it pops up in his city—and now “Erasing Hate” has become a movement.

Corey Fleischer first experience the joy of combatting the awful drawings two years ago when he drove past a van that had “KKK” and swastikas spray-painted on the side.

After talking with the owner of the vehicle, Corey got to work cleaning up the vandalism. When he was finished, he says he felt a sense of euphoria.

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Ever since that fateful day, Corey has power-washed thousands of hateful messages across his beloved Montreal. He soon plans on expanding his efforts to Toronto as well.

His Instagram page, Erasing Hate, has hundreds of followers encouraging him on his mission. If they find any hateful graffiti in Corey’s area, they will send him a picture, an address, and then within 24 hours, it’s all gone.

“It went from just me alone, scouring the city, trying to find these hate crimes to now I have tens of thousands of people who are following the Erasing Hate movement,” Fleischer told CTV News. “And now they’re my eyes.”

(WATCH the video below)

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