Ashley Schaus and her sister Hannah have always been very close – which his why Ashley’s boyfriend recently got down on one knee for both of them.

When Ashley and her boyfriend Will Seaton started dating seven years ago, she made it very clear that she and Hannah were a package deal. Since 15-year-old Hannah has Down syndrome and diabetes, Ashley was always careful to make sure that her sister felt included while they were growing up.

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Additionally, Ashley is prepared to take over as Hannah’s legal guardian when their parents aren’t fit to care for her anymore.

So before the Santa Claus, Indiana-based boyfriend popped the question to Ashley, he first proposed to her sister and asked if she would be his best friend forever.

When Hannah said yes, he then turned to Ashley and asked if she would be his wife.

Needless to say, she also said yes.

“I was very surprised. Will is wonderful, but he’s rather humble and so this gesture blew me away. She was so happy, and all I could think about was how special this was for her,” Schaus told WXIN.

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