Christmas came early for Ben Millar after a compassionate patron left him a hefty gratuity for a flight home to the Emerald Isle.

Ben was sweating through a serving shift at a restaurant in Houston, Texas when he struck up a conversation about U2 with one of the diners. The man – only known as Jeffrey – said that he had just been to Ireland to see the rock and roll band. Ben remarked that he was from Belfast himself and that he wished he had the money to go home and see his family.

When Ben came to collect the bill, he was shocked to see that Jeffrey had left him a $750 tip with a note reading “Hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays”.

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Jeffrey had already left before he had the chance to thank him, but Ben’s 8-months pregnant girlfriend Taryn Keith says that it couldn’t have happened to a better hardworking guy.

The couple plans on flying home to visit their family as soon as their son Killian – whose due date is January 20th – is old enough to fly.

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