Roger Brown knew death was coming, which gave him time to arrange a special surprise for seven of his longtime friends.

A week after he died, Brown’s closest friends in the town of Sketty, Wales, discovered they had each been given $5,400 and one specific rule — they had to spend it on a weekend holiday in Europe.

Brown was the common thread tying the group of mates together. As retirees, they all hung out in the same local pub, remaining friends for over forty years. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he decided he didn’t want the party to end.vets reunited WPTVvideo

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It took almost three years to make the arrangements, but the band of
 buddies has just returned from Berlin, where they saw the sites and toasted his memory in frequent “comfort stops,” as one of his friends described their pub crawl.

“We would like to formally apologize to Roger’s two sons, Sam and Jack, for taking away some of their inheritance,” Roger Rees told the Swansea Evening Post. “We spent most of it on beer, the rest we wasted.”

Roger Brown would probably think it was money well spent.

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Photo by Images of Money, CC

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