It’s heartbreaking for a parent to outlive their child – and it’s no less sad for these birds who have carried on after their owners’ deaths. But luckily, they will always have a loving home with Ken Banks.

Ken, who lives near Rockhampton, Queensland, runs a retirement home for birds whose owners have passed away. His property plays host to over 1,400 birds – the oldest of which might already be in their 90s.

Depending on the bird species, these feathered creatures can live from anywhere between 12 to 100 years old.

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One of Ken’s tenants is a 91-year-old cockatoo named Popeye. The name is aptly given considering the bird lost his eye to cancer in his 70s – but he is reportedly still energetic, given his condition.

Ken currently spends his days caring for his tenants and making sure that they go to good homes with responsible owners who understand the consequences of adopting such a pet. The bird-lover also refuses to take money for the critters – he would rather just make sure that they’re being properly cared for.

“I’ve just got a soft heart for birds. I can’t see a bird being put down for no reason, when it’s reasonably healthy and I can give it a home,” Banks told ABC Capricornia.

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