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No matter what you think of McDonald’s, their new campaign to conjure some loving is pretty darn sweet.

Beginning February 2, the day after the Super Bowl, and running through Valentine’s Day, every McDonald’s restaurant in the US will be giving random visitors free meals if they agree to perform a random act of lovin’ in the store, such as fist-bumping a cashier, hugging the one you’re with, or calling your mom to show you care.

Playing up their slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It”, they already rewarded some customers for doing random acts of lovin’ for a new Super Bowl commercial that will melt your heart.

“For your payment today, call up your mom and tell her you love her…”

One mother in the commercial, ordering a meal with her teenaged son, was asked to tell the cashier what she most loved about him. She answered, hugged him close, and left with a free order.High-five at Tims Place-AOLvid

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Winners don’t even need to be a paying customer. Each store will hand out 100 free orders during the two week period at pre-assigned times. The first person to walk through the door, even if they are only using the restroom, are deemed a winner when they agree to show some love. The manager will provide two Extra Value Meal coupons, instead.

WATCH the beautiful video below / Story tip from Jürgen N

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