This military mom had a lot on her plate, so a positive pranksters TV show decided to take away some of the burden.

Janis Miller works a full time job while taking care of her new-born baby and donating any free time to assisting other military families. Because her husband Nate is serving overseas in Afghanistan, the overwhelmed 40-year-old has found it difficult to find time to move all their possessions into their newly-purchased dream home.

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That’s when the kindness-based Random Acts television show produced by Brigham Young University stepped in.

While Janis was at work, a BYU-TV crew and a team of volunteers –co-workers of hers from the National Abilities Center and friends of her husband– moved everything the couple owned from the old house to the new one. The ordeal took about 6 hours of hard work, but when Janis returned from work, she was shocked to walk into a completely empty home.

In the center of the living room was a table carrying a laptop and webcam featuring her husband Nate explaining what happened.

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“My first thought: shock and bewildered,” Janis told Good News Network. “Second thought – there’s noooo way my mom could’ve done all that packing while I was at work. Where’s the furniture?  And wait! Why is Nate’s face on a laptop?”

With tears of happiness in her eyes, she was ushered by the host of Random Acts to her newly furnished home.

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“I was overwhelmed with relief. I had this undercurrent of stress of whether or not I was actually going to be able to do it all—the working full time, fixing up the new house, moving out of the old house, cleaning it, cleaning the new house, moving in and setting it all up,” she recalled. “I kept telling myself there are so many other spouses with so much more on their plates and they do it–I can do this too! But I truly didn’t realize how stressed out I was about getting it all done until I walked thru that door and saw it all done.”

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