angel_of_lights.jpgWhat started as an online hoax culminated on Christmas day with dozens of people banding together to help those in need, in what’s now being called “Miracle at Wabash and Union.”

The hoax was presented as a promise on Craig’s List to provide a free meal behind the abandoned church at Wabash and Union to anyone in need. The online classified was determined to be a cruel joke, but just to make sure no one was disappointed, a man who’d seen the ad, posted that he would make a turkey and round up some old clothes to bring down to the dilapidated church building on Christmas Day. . .

”I thought, at the very least, I can be there,” said Thomas Peace. “Me with one turkey is better than nobody at all. I had no idea what would happen.”

Over the next several hours, Peace watched posts flood Craigslist’s free section, with people promising to show up with toys, food, paper plates, plastic silverware and anything else they could offer.

The “Miracle at Wabash and Union” demonstrates the power of online social networking and affirms the old-fashioned determination of people to help their neighbors when times are toughest.

(Read the rest of the story at Willits News, Mendocino County, Calif.)

Thanks to a Joe Trippi Twitter story tip;  Photo courtesy of John Stone,


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