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Television and movie diva, best-selling author and outspoken champion of porcine rights, Miss Piggy, was honored this week with a major feminist award. On top of that, she’s published an essay on feminism in TIME magazine.

The Muppet was honored Thursday in Brooklyn, New York, taking the stage to give a speech at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art. She joins the ranks of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, journalist Connie Chung and author Toni Morrison, who have also received the Sackler Center First Award.

“Moi is thrilled,” Miss Piggy said in a statement. “It is truly wonderful to be celebrated and share this honor with fellow legends, role models, and pioneers of female fabulosity. We rock!”kermit-frog-lookalike-discovered-diane-bare-hearted-glassfrog-costa-rica (1)

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Center founder, Elizabeth Sackler, said in a statement that Miss Piggy was chosen for her “determination and grit” in teaching important lessons through television and film.

In her TIME essay, Miss Piggy says “feminism’s future must be proud, positive, powerful, perseverant, and, wherever possible, alliterative.”

(WATCH the video below – READ more from Reuters) Photo by ross hawkes, CC

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