Mother listens to son's heart in a donor recipient - NBC videoLast August, Renee Varela’s 18-year-old son, Anthony, was killed by a drunk driver. His heart was transplanted into the chest of Eric Ford, a husband and father of two in Texas.

After the transplant, Varela held a stethoscope to Ford’s chest and, for the first time, heard her son’s heart beating outside of his body. Varela and Ford met for the first time in Dallas.

After her son’s death, Varela had only seconds to make up her mind whether or not she wanted her son’s organs to be donated. Ford was on his death bed at the time, his kidneys and heart failing.

Tragedy brought the two families together — an extended family now bound by an act of grace.

(WATCH the video below, or read the full story at NBC-Dallas)

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