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G is for Growing pains and Glitches

Well, I sure needed those quotes this morning! (see below and also Inspiration Point for March 18 ) After a week of technical problems with the site, our glitches have yet to be resolved. On top of that, I ran into a website this morning with SO MANY of the features I want for this site — technorati feed, de.licio.us tags preset for each story, multiple tags for each story that lead to related topics, headline links for mobile phones to bookmark… I feel that all this angst is forcing me to be smarter, to rise to the occasion… to be compassionate with myself. . . So I’m learning something, which is good. Try to see the good in your pain.


"Smart, useful pain comes to you because you are taking risks, and acting out of love and adventure. It is trying to make you smarter. In Kabbalah, in tarot, the devil card is the archetype of the Riddler, who presents us with insolvable problems so we can get smarter by rising to the occasion. Pain is demanding that we get more loving and expansive."

– Rob Brezsny (Author, Pronoia is the antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings
"Compassion directed toward oneself is true humility."
– Simone Weil


  1. Please be patient as we continue to improve!
    From our web designer:

    I must apologize to anyone who has run into any problems or technical difficulties while using the site….As with all living organisms, we are in a continual process of growth and refinement. All of the applications we are using are OpenSource; meaning that both the application itself AND its sourcecode programming are completely FREE to everyone!  This means that everyone and anyone can improve and add on to the original programming. This encourages a huge amount of cooperation and goodwill from developers and hobbyists around the world, sharing information freely.

    These applications are living projects themselves….always in a process of improvement; evolving with our needs and skills. The applications that we are building GNN-i with are in most cases a work of love given freely to the world.  To learn more about the OpenSource movement and how it is changing the world, visit: http://www.opensource.org
    http://www.joomla.org (our Content Management System).

    Thank you all for your active support, feedback, and understanding! I believe that good sites like GNN-i truly are collaborative community projects.Stay with us as we’ll continue to add new features and improvements as we grow.

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