Dozens of parents waiting on their students amidst examinations were waiting out in the sun without proper shade or hydration earlier this weekend – so this mosque opened their doors to them instead.

Hundreds of families arrived in Kerala, India on Sunday morning for their aspiring students to take the Central Board of Secondary Education’s National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (CBES NEET) – an entrance examination for youths planning to study certain government or medical courses.

Some of the parents who had to travel from farther away had left in such a rush, that they had forgotten to eat or drink anything for the journey – and since it was Sunday, no restaurants were open to cater to their needs.

Fortunately, Muhammad Navas and several of his friends were leaving the mosque across the street from the school when they saw the crowd of exhausted parents.

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After asking around, the parents explained that they were waiting on their kids inside.

Muhammad, who happens to be the secretary of the foundation that runs the mosque, the Vadihuda Trust, opened the doors of the religious sanctuary and invited everyone inside, away from the sun. Muhammad and his friends called a friend of theirs who ran a nearby tea shop and asked if he could open the store and cater to the parents.

The secretary then got clean drinking water to serve throughout the day.

The gesture of kindness has garnered widespread applause on social media – especially in light of reports that dozens of students were unnecessarily harassed and frisked to prevent cheating on the exam. Four teachers have since been suspended for their ‘overzealousness’, and representatives of the CBES expressed their regret and apologies.

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