After frantically searching for her baby, this mother tamandua could barely contain her excitement when she was reunited with him one day later – and it is all thanks to a compassionate group of animal rescuers.

The heartwarming reunion was facilitated by Refuge For Wildlife, a Costa Rica-based animal rescue organization that specializes in rehabilitating injured and orphaned animals so they can be released back into the wild.

The group saved this tiny northern tamandua (which is a kind of anteater) after he was found alone on the ground, his mother nowhere to be seen.

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Normally, mama tamanduas will leave their babies tucked away high in the treetops of the forest while they forage for food. Rescuers assume that this furry youngster in particular must must have slipped from the trees and fallen onto the ground below while his mom was away.

Luckily, the tamandua was found by a local resident before any predators could get to him. The concerned resident took the baby to the wildlife refuge, where he was provided with a medical checkup and round-the-clock care.

The baby tamandua was named Edwin, and his caretakers fed him some milk and kept him cozy with a warm bottle. Since Edwin was only one month old, his caretakers knew that his best chance of survival was with his mom.

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Thankfully, Edwin’s mom showed up the very next day looking for him in the same spot where he was found in the forest.

The workers at the wildlife refuge quickly rushed the baby to the area where his mother was spotted in the trees. Since Edwin was still too young to climb, it took a bit of acrobatics in order to reach his mom – but once he was safely  returned to his mom, her reaction was priceless.

(WATCH the video below) – Photos by Refuge for Wildlife

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