"She’s the Mother Teresa of the King County Jail, holding prayer services three times a week for 20 years, taking a bus from her tiny home to the downtown jail, and personally visiting with 35,000 individual inmates." One man said, "If I didn’t have this service, I’d sit and dwell… I come here, and the whole day is 100 percent better." (Seattle Times)


  1. Clearly a very special lady. So thoughtful and brave of her to take flowers from her own garden into the jail. I’m touched by one of the inmate’s reactions, that looking at the flowers prompted the question ‘Why do anything bad?’. That is such a deep truth.

  2. Oh my heart, what a wonderful story. When the flowers where mentioned at the begining of the article, I knew they would be mentioned again. I could just envision them bringing even the smallest amount of brightness and hope in a dreary place. King is definitely the most beautiful flower she can bring. 🙂

  3. Prayer
    I think it’s pretty obvious, without too much thought, that we are to take part in geting what we pray for. The spirit directs us as to where to look for answers and puts them in front of us. We have to respond to that direction. To expect God to clean your room, for instance, is un realistic, but to show you the way, give you the strength and motivation, those things you can expect. Even confidence can heal disease while stress and dispair can cause it. I don’t know how far to carry that reasoning, but I don’t think He will do all the work of making this a better world, if we don’t do our part. We only have to ask what part is ours and do it. We have been given dominion over the earth and the commision to make it a garden or paradise. He will ‘help’ when asked.

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