Caroline Boudreaux was living the luxurious life of an account executive in Texas until her perspective was turned upside-down by the eyes of an orphan.

The young Texan had the nice car, the thriving social life, the well-paying job, and the roomy house – then in 2000, Caroline wanted to spend the summer traveling around the world with her friend, Chris. On Mother’s Day, the two had arrived in a small Indian village to visit Chris’s sponsored child.

The staggering number of orphans in the town was enough to break her heart.

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After seeing so many desperate children in need of parental attention, Caroline’s life was changed forever. She decided to create the Miracle Foundation.

Since then, her nonprofit group has provided funding for over 1,700 orphans in India along with training for displaced women. The orphanages employ locals in need of jobs while the children receive food, clean water, health care, education, and – most importantly – love.

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“Miraculously, people of all ages, from all walks of life, and from all socioeconomic backgrounds have joined us in this journey over the years,” Caroline says on The Miracle Foundation website. “Hundreds have come to India to meet the children we support, and many more have become monthly donors and are financially committed to our work.”

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