mumbai-pub-domain.jpgA new pollution standard announced Saturday, on World Environment Day, ensures that cleaner water wll flow into the Arabian Sea from India’s second largest state.

Maharashtra, the richest state in India, boasting a 300 mile coastline and deep water ports like Mumbai, has ordered that all of its hotels, clubs and resorts install sewage plants on their premises to help recycle 80 percent of sewage water for non-potable use.

The decision from the Maharashtra Pollution Board Control is all the more important because 50 percent of the untreated sewage water of Mumbai, the second most populous city in the world, is flushed directly into the rivers and sea, affecting marine life.

Water shortages across India also bolstered the push for the new rule, which is controversial among smaller hotels.

According to a report in Midday, Vijay Shewakramani, Managing Committee Member, Hotel and Restaurant Association Western India said, “Making optimum use of recycled water is the need of the hour. Soon, not just commercial establishments but residential complexes too will have to implement this rule.”

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