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Dismayed by the constant barrage of negativity in world events, a Melbourne musician and mum brought together a group of 200 people from around the world, between the ages of eight and 65, in an ensemble celebrating global peace.

Producer and composer of the revamped Australian classic “Waltzing Matilda”, Dene Menzel said she embarked on the project to break down preconceived differences in race and religion and encourage respect and tolerance.

“There is too much emphasis on fear and barriers – this tears people apart,” said Menzel. “My five-year old daughter was the inspiration for this project as I really want her to be able to grow up in a better world.”

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“Music is a great way to bring people together regardless of their background. I thought that if I could get strangers from all over the world to sing with each other, that would prove that we’re not so different after all, and we can create something beautiful together.”

Through a global casting call, she found multi-award winning singer and human rights advocate Kate Ceberano, along with people as far flung as Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Israel, South Africa and Uzbekistan who all wanted to get involved. With smart phone technology and the Internet they created a ‘virtual choir’.

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“It was so amazing to bring together people that were continents apart into one united voice.”

Ms Menzel said that the song, although modernized to reflect a more current global message, is still easily recognizable as the beloved “Waltzing Matilda”.

Waltzing Matilda is available for download on iTunes and other popular digital platforms with proceeds going to human rights charity, UNICEF Australia.

For more details on this project and how to join Dene Menzel’s Virtual Choir, you can visit the Choir In The Clouds website.

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Dene Menzel has a 20 year career in the music industry as a musician, vocal coach, choir director, and author of #1 Amazon Best Seller, “The Voice Factor”.

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