Two musicians are being hailed for an unusual performance earlier this week that was not only a positive step forward for science, but also an emotional contribution towards the next generation.

Sharon Corr, the violinist for Irish pop rock band The Corrs, was recently asked to perform for “hundreds of embryos growing in incubators” at the Institut Marques fertility center in Barcelona.

Her performance was part of the facility’s initiative to expose all of their embryonic residents to micro musical vibrations for 24 hours a day. The institute is building on past research which claims that embryos who are exposed to music are more developed than those who aren’t. Additionally, in vitro fertilization is shown to be 5% more successful with musically-exposed embryos.

Corrs was joined by Spanish musician Alex Ubago, and their performance was live streamed for embryos at the Institut Marques clinics in Clane, Ireland and Villa Salaria in Rome as well.

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“It was a very emotional experience,” she told the Independent of her performance. “It is great to think that possibly we can be part of the future, that we can make it change.

“I am so amazed about the whole process and how it works and yet, in a way, I am not surprised that music really helps the embryos to form; this does not surprise me because music is the greatest therapy in the world so I feel very honored to be asked to do this.”

(WATCH the video below)

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