afghanmosque.jpg“The largest-ever survey of Muslims worldwide — 50,000 adults in 35 nations — shows that a vast majority want Western democracy and freedoms, but do not want them to be imposed.” The Gallup poll was featured on the BBC News.


  1. A rather skewed, loaded and bias poll that it is. Wanting peace and acceptance of each other was the answer of the Poll, not “Bush is right …… Muslims are wrong” was not what it said (as I hear so many americans say).

    The US bashing (and ignorance) of all things Muslim is one of the biggest issues. The good news of the day will be when the US lead, Bush spear headed attack on their world, religion and beliefs, at the point of a gun, ends.

    America has done untold damage that will result in huge backlash, though it doesn’t have the intelligence, humility or the lack of a selfish world view to do anything about it.

    I suppose the good news is that americans are waking up to the fact that Muslims aren’t the enemy as we are all much the same, their own administration is the enemy.

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