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For “Throwback Thursday,” we thought we’d highlight some anti-ISIS activities in the Muslim community that you may have missed in the news during the last year.

Roughly 1.5 million Muslims signed petitions condemning ISIS after 70,000 Muslim clerics declared that the terrorist group is not an Islamic organization.

The India-based clerics also condemned the Taliban and al-Qaeda as non-Islamic. Their fatwa against the groups called the terrorists a threat to humanity.

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Across India, people of all religions joined Muslims in prayer services asking for peace and an end to the violence against Muslims, Christians and innocent bystanders.

In December, Shia Muslims in the London turned their annual UK Arbaeen Procession into a demonstration against ISIS and other terrorists. It is traditionally a rite of mourning for the death of social justice leader Imam Husain’s death in the seventh century.

Marchers held up signs declaring “Not in my name” and “Terrorism has NO religion.”

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“The Muslim community is a very diverse community, with the vast majority of us horrified by Isis,” march organizer Waqar Haider told the Independent.

Similarly, in New York City, on New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Muslims rang in the new year by taking a stand against extremism.

(READ More about the 2015 Fatwa from the The Independent) — Photo: Mohammed Al-Sharifi, on Twitter

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