Natalie Conkel had been having a blue Christmas ever since her husband died five years ago.

This year was the first since he passed away that Natalie put up holiday decorations to light up her house, but they were stolen a week later.

Her neighbors in San Lorenzo, California weren’t going to allow her holiday spirit to be taken away by a Grinch, so after sending out a call for aid on social media, all of Natalie’s friends and neighbors hatched a plan to redecorate her house while she was out to lunch with her son.

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When the widow and son arrived home on Tuesday, they were welcomed by the sight of her house alit with color and the entire neighborhood singing Christmas carols, ready to present flowers and gifts.

Conkel was shocked and awed by the wonder around her and said she once again believed in the holiday spirit. The neighbors even presented her with $300 for the electric bill.

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“Now I can celebrate Christmas,” said Natalie to KTVU. “Now it will be much better.”

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