Welcome Refugees-Danny Vincent

This Georgian community is making sure that their young refugee neighbors aren’t scared away by the nation’s current political status.


Welcome Sign-Danny Vincent

The International Community School in Atlanta is a charter school that has been educating refugees from all over the world for 15 years. One morning, the front yard was flooded by dozens of reassuring signs from the loving neighborhood families.


School With Signs-Danny Vincent

It started when one of the local women became concerned about the school families and how they had been holding up with such turbulent current events – so she posted a sign at the school reading “Stay strong, neighbors – you are welcome here”.


Sign Party-Danny Vincent

Inspired by the woman’s kindness, Danny Vincent – another local mom – gathered 20 different children and friends for a sign making party on Sunday.


Kids and Signs-Danny Vincent

The school yard now reportedly has about 50 different signs featuring words of love and comfort.

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“For them, it was really important,” Vincent told CNN. “I think a lot of the stuff that we’ve tried to talk about, even at an 8-year-old level, feels very abstract.”

“I can say pretty confidently when she gets nervous that she is safe and she’s going to be okay, but that there are a lot of kids that aren’t. So the opportunity for her and her friends to do something tangible in the face of something confusing and out of their control, when even the adults in their lives are nervous, is really empowering.”

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