Passing gas isn’t just a social passé – it’s also a leading contributor of climate change; but thankfully, this Swiss company believes that they have a solution.

A single cow produces the equivalent of 3 tons of carbon dioxide every year. According to United Nations research, cow flatulence produces 4% of all greenhouse gases that are warming the planet.

That’s why Agolin, a firm based out of Biere, Switzerland, has started producing specialist livestock feed that can reduce a cow’s methane production by up to 10%.

“We sell our mixture for around 1 million cows per year… There are 25-28 million cows in the European Union, so it is a big percentage,” company co-founder Kurt Schaller told Reuters. “That represents 300,000 tonnes of CO2 reduction today.”

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According to the firm’s website, all of their recipes are “effective, easy to use and safe”, according to European Union regulations.

The feeds are made using herbs, spices, and botanical compounds that reduce harmful bovine flatulence and also improve livestock’s milk production and gut health.

The firm hopes that – with increasingly strict international regulation of agricultural methane production – more farmers will adopt the specialized feed.

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