A new documentary that was released earlier this week will restore your hope in humanity by telling the inspiring stories of modern-day heroes who are saving the world – and they’re all kids.

The film Look To The Sky, which is streaming on iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu, is comprised of interviews with dozens of young change-makers, such as a teen who overcame homelessness, a boy who saved his friend’s life, and a young woman who turned her experiences of being bullied into a positive world-wide self-love movement.

Look To The Sky was screened in 50 cities with proceeds benefiting charitable initiatives.

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The movie was produced through filmmaker Brett Culp’s nonprofit organization The Rising Heroes Project. The organization creates uplifting and educational films to inspire personal growth, community service and positive engagement in viewers of all ages.

“For many of us, the world seems very dark,” says Culp. “It’s easy to feel that noble heroes like Superman have vanished from the earth. I believe this heroic spirit is most clearly seen in the hearts of the young people who are shaping the future. Our goal with Look To The Sky is to help renew our faith in tomorrow, for ourselves, and our communities.”

(WATCH the video below)

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