It’s time to light the lights!

The Muppets are making a comeback, thanks to a “top secret video pitch” they made to ABC network executives, according to this entertaining new video trailer.

Fan favorites like Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie will return to prime time in “The Muppets 2015,” a show that will explore the puppets’ personal and professional relationships as they work together backstage to produce a late-night talk show.Sonia Manzano Maria Sesame Street-PBS

‘M’ is for ‘Maria’, Who Will be Missed After Four Decades on Sesame Street


This modern day reboot of the classic show is billed as a more adult, contemporary, documentary-style program, versus the old format of a variety show.

Animal claims he has been doing 'Cross Fit' to get in shape for certain scenes.
Animal claims he has been doing ‘Cross Fit’ to get in shape for certain scenes.

The iconic Jim Henson franchise “The Muppet Show” originally aired on television from 1976-1981. Several feature films were also released.

The new show won’t debut until this fall on ABC, but the ‘secret trailer’ below should tide you over until then.

(WATCH the video below)

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