There are few things in this world that everyone can agree on – some folks might have different opinions about the new Marvel movies, while others might voice their hatred on classic movie remakes. But there is one thing that almost everyone can agree on: everybody loves Mr. Rogers.


So as people flood to see the new Mr. Roger’s documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor, it’s incredibly refreshing to look at people’s reviews and see nothing but inspiration and love.


Since the movie came out on June 8th, the #WontYouBeMyNeighbor hashtag on Twitter has been filled with posts from adults who wanted to express their adoration for the biopic.


The common theme amongst all of them? Everybody cried.


While the movie is only being released in select theaters over the course of the summer, people are still urging everyone to go as soon as they get the chance – and to bring a box of tissues.


Julie Williams, a 42-year-old mother who grew up in an abusive household as a child, described her own feelings towards Mr. Rogers to the Tampa Bay Times.

“I promised myself if I ever had children of my own, I would parent them in a way where they would feel the same way Mister Rogers made me feel, safe and worthy and joyful. I did that,” she said. “I have two beautiful children who are funny and awesome. I broke the cycle of generational abuse in no small part due to Mister Rogers. I genuinely feel if he were alive today he would be really proud of me for that.”



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