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A new form of speed dating has emerged in New York City’s underground tunnels.

A few weeks ago, 28-year-old Thomas Knox set up a folding table, two chairs and a sign that read, “Date While You Wait” on a busy subway platform in Manhattan.

The Brooklyn native says he was just looking for a new, fun way to meet people who want to chat, maybe play a board game, or just forget about their commute for a few minutes while waiting for their train.

Knox says he isn’t necessarily looking for love – but more of a positive social interaction – and says he’s had dozens of interesting speed dates.Chris_Shelly iheartvolunteers affect magazine

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“I just want you to have a conversation. Talk to me, tell me a little bit about yourself, tell me how your day went,” Knox told WCBS-TV. “I feel like I’ve had some really good connections, one on one.”

The location for Knox’s pop-up dating project remains secret until he reveals his choice of subway stop at the last minute on social media.

According to The New York Times, he’s been invited to share his ‘Date While You Wait’ concept in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and the U.K., and plans a tour of New York’s boroughs this fall.

To keep up with Knox’s adventures, check out Date While You Wait on Facebook.

(WATCH the video below from WCBS-TV or READ more from The New York Times) – Photo: Date While You Wait Facebook

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