On August 17, Officer Glenn Branham responded to a routine burglary call and found that the copper water pipes had been stolen and the house was in shambles. Thieves had ransacked the house, stealing everything of value over the course of several months.

Because Linda Tims had no money or friends that could help to repair the damage, the officer, who had owned a construction company before joining the Phoenix Police Department, stepped up — along with all his friends — in a big way.

”Over the past several weeks, Branham has recruited family members, friends and past business associates to restore the house,” reports the Police Department. “Numerous dumpsters of garbage and debris were removed. New walls and dry wall have been installed and new cabinets are coming.”

Thus far, all the supplies have been donated or paid for by Officer Branham, who has been renovating on his days off.

Branham initially wanted no media attention, but his boss thought the story was too inspiring not to share.

Ms. Tims told ABC-15 News that Branham was her “genie in a bottle” and her “angel” sent to perform miracles.

Channel 15 contacted America’s Best Furniture, which donated a $1,500 gift card and the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services has agreed to help finish the house.

(WATCH the video below from ABC-15) – Story tip from Tonya Brown Wright

Renovation photos from the Phoenix Police Facebook Page


  1. This story is another reason I consider the men and women in blue to be earth angels. No matter how much they’ve already given, most of them find a way to give even more! Thank you Officer Branham and all those who have chosen to help out!

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