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Jaden Hayes lost his father when he was only four, and his mother earlier this year.

But the six-year-old is tired of being sad—and seeing everyone sad all the time–so he is cheering up strangers in his hometown.

The adorably outspoken child asked his new guardian, Aunt Barbara, to help him with his master plan to give out small toys, “rubber duckies and dinosaurs” – the things that make people smile. Haylen-ice-cream-Facebook-cropped

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On four separate occasions, he approached people on the streets of Savannah, Georgia, who weren’t smiling and handed them a toy.

It worked like a charm: the little gifts instantly put smiles on strangers faces.

“The more people he made smile, the more his light shone,” Barbara DiCola, told CBS’s Steve Hartman.Lucas Hobbs With Mom Food Truck ChefLucasFood Facebook

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At least 500 people have gotten one of Jaden’s gifts — and given the little orphan a big smile in return.

“I’m counting on it to be 33,000,” said the little smile collector.

(WATCH the video below from CBS News) Photo: CBS – Story tip from Bryan

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