orphanage pictures-korean sisters reunited

“I can’t believe I finally found my sister… I knew she was somewhere out there.”

But Holly never thought she would find that sister working in the very same hospital in the United States where she worked. An orphan from Korea adopted by an American couple when she was nine, there had been no record of a sister in the orphanage.

Meagan and Holly, 46, hired three months apart at Doctors Hospital in Sarasota, grew curious when they realized both shared the same last name of Shin.

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After “comparing notes on their dramatic similarities,” Meagan insisted they take a DNA test, which is how they unraveled the truth–that they grew up 300 miles from each other in Virginia and New York and each moved to Florida in their later years to pursue careers of service in the health profession. And the sisters wound up working on the fourth floor of the same hospital.

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“Oh my god,” Meagan told the Herald Tribune. “I was in shock. I have a sister.”

“I never gave up on her,” said Holly.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from the Sarasota Herald Tribune)

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