shoes-for-iraqis.jpgSoon thousands of Iraqi children will have new shoes – in time for winter – thanks to the efforts of Oral Roberts University  students, faculty, and staff. After the school (ORU) raised the money, students in the school of business took over negotiating the best price for the shoes.

Graduate students in the marketing management class negotiated a price of $1.26 per pair of shoes — and that included shipping to Iraq. Using the $5,000 donated during twice-weekly chapel services, a total of 3,969 pairs of shoes will be purchased and distributed to children in Iraq.

The donation supports the Shoes That Save program. Other donors will match the ORU gift boosting the total number of shoes being shipped to Iraq to almost 10,000 pairs. So far, the Christian group has delivered more than 34,500 pairs of shoes along with Christian children’s books to kids in several poor countries around the world.

“I am extremely proud of our students, faculty, and staff. They give selflessly for missions projects and, combined with the efforts of our business students, their gifts will help a great number of children in Iraq,” said Dr. Mark Rutland, ORU president.


  1. simply amazing what kind of impact small efforts like these could have. if we all took small steps, to make small impacts and changes to the world, overtime we would have successfully changed the face of the world as we know it…

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