policeman in patrol car KCTV videoGoing beyond his normal duties, a Kansas police officer responded to an elderly woman’s house and ended up going grocery shopping for her and bringing back $50 worth of supplies, as well as a Christmas ham and poinsettia.

The 86-year-old Overland Park woman couldn’t drive because she was on new medication. Her son and another close relative who normally helped out had both recently died.

When police officer Derrick Hogan was dispatched to the lady’s home, something stirred him to do more than simply help her to contact her local church for food.

On his police blog, Chief John Douglass told how he received a letter commending the cop’s good deed: “He responded to a call on the eve of Christmas Eve for an elderly lady who was not expecting the police department to do anything but help her contact her church.”

“Officer Hogan went to her house to check on her. He handwrote the grocery list and returned with over $50 of groceries for her. She must have mentioned she’d be spending Christmas alone, because he also returned with a small ham, saying you can’t have Christmas without a ham. Also, he returned with a beautiful poinsettia to sit in her house for some Christmas cheer. She tried to pay him, but he refused and wished her a Merry Christmas!”

The letter, which was signed, ‘A Very Grateful Citizen”, went on, saying the Overland Park Police force “should be proud to have Officer Hogan.”

“He deserves to be recognized not only for this commitment to serve, but his commitment to compassion.”

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from KCTV)

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