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Barefoot Teacher Pictured Running Ahead of Tornado to Warn Families in Carpool Lane to Take Cover

In a photo that is quickly going viral, this fourth grade school teacher can be seen running ahead of a tornado so she can warn parents in the carpool lane.

After Man Saved Drowning Deer From Freezing River, He Used His Own Clothes to Keep It Warm for 40 Minutes

This 27-year-old man did not hesitate to plunge into a freezing river when he saw an exhausted deer struggling to stay afloat near the opposite bank.

Woman Picks Up Restaurant Tab for 11 High School Prom-Goers: ‘You are beautiful inside and out’

A group of high school students had a prom night that they will never forget thanks to a random act of kindness from a stranger.

Parkinson’s Researchers Now Have $24 Million To Keep Going Thanks to Funding From Michael J. Fox

Scientists now have over $24 million in funding for Parkinson's research thanks to the beloved Hollywood philanthropist.

Good News in History, January 16

Happy 60th Birthday to singer–songwriter Sade who released one of the best debut albums of all time. Born in Nigeria and raised in Essex,...

Video UPDATE: Veteran Gets to Meet, Reward Detroit Teen Girls Who Returned Wallet With Cash

Yesterday afternoon, smiles and hugs filled the front room in this West Detroit home where, just days earlier, somber resolve that a disabled veteran...

Year Might Have Begun Horribly for Disabled Vet Who Lost His Wallet—Now He’s Looking for Two Hero Kids

When Marc Walsh lost his wallet, he thought it was gone forever. Because Walsh is a disabled veteran, it's hard for him to find work...

Santa Claus Melts Hearts By Getting Down on One Knee to Thank WWII Veteran for His Service

Santa Claus took a break from chatting with his adoring young fans to get down on one knee and thank 93-year-old Bob Smiley for his service in WWII.

‘City of the Future’ is First Solar-Powered Town in America – and It Was Created by a Former NFL Player

It’s being hailed as the city of the future. Babcock Ranch is a town in Florida that is being hailed as America's first ever city...

Belugas to Become Residents of the World’s First Retirement Home for Ocean Animals in Show Business

These two beluga whales have spent years performing for humans – but soon, they will be the residents of the world's first open sea sanctuary.

Once Thought to Be Extinct, First Ever Photograph of the Tree-Kangaroo Proves Its Survival

This cute little creature was thought to be extinct – until an enthusiastic botanist snapped the first known photograph of the critter earlier this year.

Hero Siblings Lift Overturned SUV From Roadside Ditch to Save Couple and Baby

Jolisa Jones and Aaron Allen did not hesitate to jump into action when they saw a family in trouble earlier this week.

Couple Takes It Upon Themselves to Turn Ocean Trash into Prosthetic Limbs for Kids That Cost Only $45

Laura and Chris Moriarity have had no expertise in ocean pollution or making prosthetic limbs—but they passionately believed they could tackle both issues with...

30 Years Since Die Hard Hit Big Screens – 13 Surprising Trivia Facts About the Iconic Film

30 years ago today, a cobbled-together action film called Die Hard was released into select US theaters. Costing $28 million, it ended up grossing...

Husky Saves Deaf Hiker After She Tumbled 700 Feet – and It’s Not the First Time He’s Saved a Stranger in Alaska

A dog is being hailed for saving the life of a deaf student who was struggling through the Alaskan wilderness – and after news...

While Pit Bull Rescues Family From House Fire, She Pulls Baby to Safety By Her Diaper

This 8-month-old pup has a close bond with her baby human – so when a house fire broke out next door, it's no surprise that the dog went to save the infant.

Student Who Overcame Abuse is Given a New Car From Stranger With a Brain Tumor

We would probably have similar reactions to a stranger jumping out a dumpster, let alone if it was because he was giving us a car.

Marine Raises Thousands for WWII Vet He Met in a Parking Lot

It's rare to hear about someone who is willing to give thousands of dollars to a total stranger – but that is essentially what Guido...

World’s First Soccer Pitch at a Subway Stop Brings Joyful Exercise to Underserved People

Since the free soccer field is on top of the station, it makes the sport more accessible to low-income residents who can't afford to drive a car or pay field fees.

Man Just Proposed to the Girlfriend He Protected During Las Vegas Shooting

Marriage proposals are always special occasions, but the story behind this happy couple's relationship is especially significant. 22-year-old Mykenzie Lane and 21-year-old Brandon Helmick are...