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NY Yankees Honor Victims with Exhibition Game at Virginia Tech (Video)

The New York Yankees made a pilgrimage to honor the 32 victims of the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech. The team then took to...

Virginia Tech Shooting: Crisis Charity Offers Tips, Tools to Deal with Aftermath

Following the fatal shooting of dozens of students at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, the national children's crisis charity KidsPeace is issuing expert tips...

Good News in History September 14

35 years ago today, retired Air Force Colonel and fighter pilot (who was shot down a decade earlier) Joseph Kittinger set off alone as...

Hundreds of Strangers Rally One Morning to Grant 4-Year-old Cancer Survivor’s Birthday Wish for ‘100 Bumblebees’

This 4-year-old cancer survivor was given the surprise of a lifetime after his neighbors rallied together to provide a rainbow of yellow, one mile long, outside his house the morning of his birthday.

Good News in History, September 8

Happy Birthday to the singer-songwriter Pink, who turns 40 years old today. Before fame, she dreamed of being an Olympic athlete from Pennsylvania, but...

As Wildfires Increase Across The Globe, U.S. Firefighters Will Be Prepared Thanks to $3 Billion in Funding

Reprinted with permission from World At Large, a news website of nature, science, health, politics, and travel. Last month was the hottest July on record,...

Good News in History, August 26

230 years ago today, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was approved in France by the Constituent Assembly as...

After Flight Delays Almost Prevented Sergeant From Witnessing Son’s Birth, Stranger Drove Him 8 Hours Home

If it had not been for a compassionate airline passenger, this young Army sergeant may not have been able to witness the birth of his son.

After Spending Life in Cage, Rescue Dog is Adopted By Senior Care Home the Day Before She Was to Be Euthanized

This 6-year-old pup now brings joy to the residents of a Maryland nursing home after she was rescued from euthanasia just in the nick of time.

Hearts Are Melting Over Little Girl Admiring a Beauty Ad Depicting Woman in a Wheelchair

This photo of an enchanted little girl staring at an Ulta beauty advertisement shows just how much representation can matter for differently-abled kids.

Watch Youngsters Challenge Strangers on the Street to Watergun Fight During Hot Summer Day

When temperatures got particularly high in Virginia last month, two pranksters took it upon themselves to offer some watery relief to pedestrians.

68% of Americans Want to Be More Adventurous – Here Are the Traits They‘re Trying to Nurture Most

Seventy-six percent of Americans in a new poll said they considered themselves to be adventurous—but, the survey also revealed that a large majority (68%)...

California Professors Place Seesaws Across US-Mexico Border So Children Can Play Together

This powerful new installation is being used as a recreational bridge between the children and adults on the US-Mexico border.

Good News in History, July 30

400 years ago today, in a church in Jamestown, Virginia, the first ever representative government in the Americas convened for the first time to...

Good News in History, July 4

80 years ago today, Lou Gehrig, afflicted with a fatal disease, stepped to a microphone at New York's Yankee Stadium and announced his retirement from...

Good News in History, June 30

155 years ago, Yosemite Valley was granted to the state of California for “public use, resort and recreation” by a decree signed by President...

Good News in History, June 23

On this day 79 years ago, the American athlete Wilma Rudolph was born prematurely at 4.5 pounds (2.0 kg). Despite a polio virus, infantile...

Teacher Brings Clippers to School So He Can Offer Free Haircuts to Fifth Graders Before ‘Graduation’

This fifth grade teacher had an inkling that some of his students would want to clean up their hair before attending the school's “Moving On Ceremony”.

Good News in History, June 12

90 years ago today, Anne Frank, the Jewish Holocaust victim whose diary describes her family hiding from the Nazis during the World War II,...

Girl Scouts Help Seniors Learn to Use Their Cell Phones, Setting up a Free Clinic

People may get upset because most young people are always on their phones, but these Girl Scouts are receiving praise for helping senior citizens...