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Donations From All Over the World Save Untouchable Cat

Valentino was in sorry shape when he was admitted to a local animal shelter with a host of health problems in need of treatment....

Cat With 5 Pounds of Matted Fur Makes Miracle Recovery, Finds Loving Home

When animal abuse investigators received photos of Sinbad the cat, they had a hard time being able to tell that it was, in fact,...

Nonverbal Boy with Autism Shares Special Bond with Deaf New Shelter Dog

Connor only communicates through signing and gestures – as fate would have it, so does his deaf new companion named Ellie.

These 10 Top Dogs of 2016 Will Warm Your Pup-Loving Heart

As 2016 comes to a close, it's time to reflect on all the great things that have happened – that's why we put together our favorite puppy tales of the year.

Record Number of Cats Adopted on Black Friday

Over 130 animals in total were given forever homes this Black Friday thanks to the special ASPCA adoption event in Manhattan.

Rescued Pit Bull is Showered with Love From the Police Who Saved Her (LOOK)

This sweet pup has been given a second chance at life – and by the looks of these sweet photos featuring her best friends at the NYPD, it's gonna be good.

Hamster With No Hair Gets Hand-Knit Sweater For the Winter

Because of a genetic mutation, Silky has lived her whole life without fur – but thanks to a shelter worker, she now has a sweater for the winter.

They Survived Together, Now Watch 2 Dogs Reunite a Year After Their Rescue

These two dogs couldn’t stop frolicking when they eventually were reunited, after being rescued from their former life in captivity, confined to a tiny,...

Arizona Puts The Muzzle on Live Dog Racing

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Friday ending greyhound and any other kind of dog racing in the state. "Greyhound racing has run its course...

There’s Nothing Cuter Than This Pit Bull’s Little Adopted Kitten Princess

It doesn't matter whether you like cats or dogs more – these two are cute enough to satisfy any animal lover.

Shelter Cats Nurse Orphaned Puppies Back to Health (Photos)

Dogs may be man's best friend, but these two puppies were lucky there were also some friendly mama cats around to help them out. //

Crippled Dog in Hoarding Home Finds Love From George Clooney

People at each successive adoption event were taken aback by Nate the rescue dog because of his birth defects, but a Hollywood legend decided...

Little Girl Who Lost Arm to Cancer Adopts 3-Legged Kitten (WATCH)

Well, this is bound to be a pawesome friendship. When Scarlette Tipton's left arm was amputated from a rare form of cancer at just 10 months...

Strangers Donate So Ill Veteran Can Reunite with Dogs for Christmas-Watch

A veteran broke into tears when complete strangers reunited him with his two dogs after he couldn’t afford to get them out of a...

Pet Me! Therapy Dog Refuses to Give Up on Hospice Patient

  After seeing how this dog comforts a dying woman, you’ll understand why her boss says JJ the golden retriever is one of the most...

Watch: Rescuer of Old Dogs Is Given Everything She Needs All At Once

Sometimes, the people who really need it, get a big break. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Sherri Stankewitz quit her career and moved...

New Website Helps People Giving Up Pets to Avoid Shelters, Find Families

Having to give up a beloved pet is an incredibly difficult decision. Fortunately, a new app makes that process a little easier—and keeps animal shelters nationwide from...

New Birth Control For Pets Could Make Spaying And Neutering Obsolete

Expensive and uncomfortable spay and neuter surgery could be a thing of the past thanks to researchers at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech)...

Meet The Woman Who Saves Deaf Dogs: ‘They Hear With Their Hearts’

Adopting any rescue dog is a commitment, but taking in a deaf dog is a very special, and sometimes intensive, labor of love that...

If You Post a Photo of Your Rescue Pup, $10 Is Donated to Charity

Pet lovers are always posting their photos and heartwarming rescue stories—now, you can raise money for the shelter of your choice by doing it.