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Sandhill Crane

Whooping It Up! Cranes Return to the East

For the first time in more than a century, whooping cranes will migrate across the skies of eastern North America this fall. It all started...

Congress Votes Overwhelmingly to Restore Everglades

The House and Senate overwhelmingly approved a $7.8 billion project to restore the Florida Everglades and undo a half-century of human impact. Rep. Clay Shaw,...
Puerto Rican parrot - USFW photo

Puerto Rican Parrot Population Expands by 25%

For the first time in history, ten captive-bred endangered Puerto Rican parrots were released yesterday to join the last 40 parrots existing in the...
Photo by Wallyir - via Morguefile

A Brain Tumor, the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

It appeared suddenly. Blackness blotted out my vision. A moment before, I'd focused on the cards that I held. Now I was blind. Then--like...
Flying Hospital-OBIphoto

The Flying Hospital: Medical Missions of Mercy

"The Flying Hospital", an L-1011 wide body jet transformed into a medical care facility, visited Ecuador on a medical mission of mercy for three...
Auto plant - GM photo

Chrysler To Turn Recycled Plastic Into Recyclable Car

Chrysler's quest to manufacture its first recyclable car is nearing completion. Experiments have produced an environmentally friendly machine which is low-cost, lightweight, and durable....