An Australian ambulance paramedic trainee found a parking ticket dropped in the vehicle by a family whose mother died three days later.

Marc Primrose sympathized with the grief the daughter must be feeling and instead of returning the ticket to Rosemary Morgan, he paid the $129 fine for her.

“For a complete stranger to do something like this was just amazing,” Mrs. Morgan, who was lucky enough to thank the officer in person, told the Whittlesea Leader.

He contacted them at the address on the ticket lest they worry about late fines, and sent this note:

Dear Rose and Family, I found this in the back of the ambulance after we dropped you and your mother at home from the Broadmeadows Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t want you to incur a late fee from this parking fine so I’m posting this back to you. I also decided to pay this fine for you given the difficult time you and your family are going through.

(READ the story, w/ photos, from the Herald Sun/Whittlesea Leader)

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