The padlocks that were once fastened onto the famous Pont Des Arts in Paris are now being sold to new homes as an effort to raise money for refugees in France.

The “love locks” raised over $273,000 during a charity auction on Saturday night, all of which will be donated to refugee organizations such as Solipam, the Salvation Army, and Emmaus Solidarite.

Some old segments of the bridge sold at the auction for as much as $18,800, according to AFP.

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Lovers from around the world have traditionally fastened the locks onto the Pont Des Arts railing near the Louvre and thrown the keys into the Seine river. As the bridge accumulated more and more locks, however, part of the railing collapsed from the weight in 2014.

Parisian officials then began removing the locks in order to maintain the bridge’s structure in 2015. Acrylic glass panels were installed in front of the railing to prevent any more padlocks being attached.

Though the historic mounds of locks will no longer reside on the river, bidders were delighted to contribute to a good cause while also taking home “a piece of Paris”.

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