Uncle Sam Hack Awesome StuffCode for America is a new kind of public service. Volunteer teams have developed apps that have trimmed Boston’s costs for digging out fire hydrants after snowstorms and have made Philadelphia city services more accessible.

The ‘Peace Corps for geeks’ is on the leading edge of nonprofits looking to make government more efficient. Technologists and app designers can dedicate a year, a few months, or just a few minutes — time well-spent for the good of society.

In Austin, where people had been alarmed by wildfires last year, a Code for America team created an app for citizens called Prepared.ly, which assesses the risk of individual neighborhoods in the face of disasters using real time weather information and data from public officials.

The development of civic apps has been opening doors to community involvement for residents, like the case of the hydrant project, whereby citizens are invited to adopt a hydrant for the winter. It has also opened the “Get involved” door for people in government who have had good ideas but not enough assets and support or courage to make them happen.

(READ the full story from CS Monitor – WATCH the video from CfA below)

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