Peeps used in this diorama "Little Bo Peep" WashPost photo (fairuse copyright)

Once again the creative genius of the Washington DC community is on display in the Easter candy parade of homemade art that is the annual — and always humorous — Peep diorama contest.

Each spring the sticky critter-confections are decorated and transformed by readers of the Washington Post into scenes depicting famous books, paintings, or a current event, such as the party-crashers in the White House.

This year’s grand prize winner, entitled “Eep”, featured the whimsical scene from Pixar’s animated film, Up, in which the Victorian home was pulled aloft — in this case by dozens of balloons crafted using the yellow marshmallow chicks and pink bunnies.

All the finalists are unique and worth a look… like the one pictured above, featuring the Obama dog, entitled, Little Bo Peep.

(WATCH the slideshow – warning: auto-playing ad – at Washington Post)

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Photo via Washington Post, used under Fair Use copyright law

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