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It took a whole herd of humans to untangle two battling bucks, locked in a fierce tango, tangled by wire.

The two bucks’ antlers had gotten locked during a scuffle on the plains of eastern Colorado. To make matters worse, the animals twisted themselves up in wire making it even harder to separate them.

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Without the humans to intervene the pair would likely have died.

A crew from Y-W Electric Association spotted the animals in Yuma County. They were joined by Yuma county deputies and members of Colorado’s Division of Parks and Wildlife and Department of Transportation in the rescue.

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One man’s expert roping skill and a few minutes of wire snipping and antler trimming cut the deer loose from each other and sent them thundering across the horizon in a flash of freedom.

(WATCH the video from Troy Vance’s Facebook page below) — Photo: Troy Vance

DOW,Yuma county Sherrif , CDOT and YW Electric working together to get two white tail deer separated. Locked horns and tangled in wire.

Posted by Troy Vance on Monday, November 23, 2015

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