Most people are pretty angry about finding another vehicle blocking their driveway – but not this person.

An anonymous homeowner in Flintshire, Wales is being hailed for leaving a refreshingly positive note on the windshield of an ambulance that was blocking their driveway earlier this week.

The person left a small message saying: “Thank you for blocking my driveway to save a life. Refreshments on me.” Attached to the message was a £5 note.

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According to Metro, a spokesperson from the Welsh Ambulance Service remarked on the good deed by saying: “Such a boost for our hardworking crews when they get a heartfelt thankyou note for doing a tough job … No financial incentive required! They are just dedicated. Thank you anonymous author.”

The sweet gesture is reportedly being praised after the East Midlands Ambulance Service urged people to communicate with paramedics about blocked driveways earlier this week.

Be Sure And Share The Good Deed With Your FriendsPhoto by Dewi Lloyd

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