USAID and Procter and Gamble have been partnering to provide clean drinking water and promote sanitation practices for some of Burma’s poorest residents.

Millions of the county’s people lack access to clean drinking water, and the effects of consuming unsafe water can be deadly. P&G’s water purifying packet can make undrinkable water clean and clear in just 20 minutes.

P&G has been providing clean drinking water for nearly a decade through its not-for-profit Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, sharing hundreds of millions of its award-winning P&G Purifier of Water packets to water insecure populations across the world. The packets contain 4 grams of powder that clean 10 liters of water. In April, the group announced it had transformed 7 billion liters of water. In November 2012, The Economist magazine recognized it as one of the world’s best social innovations. To date, this simple but powerful innovation has saved an estimated 37,000 lives and prevented over 280 million days of diarrheal illnesses across 75 countries.

P&G Purifier of Water has been particularly effective in Burma, which is prone to natural disasters including floods, cyclones, droughts, and earthquakes. The program was first deployed to address a severe shortage of clean drinking water that resulted from Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Working with NGO partners, P&G responded to the crisis by providing over 30 million liters of clean drinking water to disaster victims there. Since 2011, P&G and its NGO partners have provided an additional 45 million of liters of clean drinking water to families affected by floods, droughts or chronic water scarcity across the country. You can Donate to the program here.

In this photo, a child in the township of North Okkalapa learns how to drink water that has just been made safe by dissolving a packet and stirring.

Photo by Kelly Ramundo, Feb. 27, 2014 for USAID

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