The moon appears to “photobomb” this stunning view of Earth in a time lapse video released by NASA.

For only the second time since it was launched, the DSCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory) satellite has captured the moon passing between the space probe’s orbit and our planet

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”The project recorded this event on July 5 with the same cadence and spatial resolution as the first ‘lunar photobomb’ last year,” said the project scientist Adam Szabo, comparing the one almost exactly a year ago.

Its orbit is constantly changing, and it is rare for the satellite and moon to match paths in a way that lets the spacecraft photograph both the Earth and moon at the same time.

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DSCOVR is located almost a million miles from Earth, nearly four times as far away as the moon. Operated in conjunction with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it has been snapping a series of photos every day since its launch 19 months ago as part of its mission to monitor atmosphere, climate, and vegetation on the planet.

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