Jet-Falcon biofuel-NRC CanadaA twin-engine, 10-seater airplane taking off from Ottawa International airport two months ago may have looked like any other plane but it was, in fact, making aviation history.

After climbing to 30,000 ft (9,000m) over the capital city, the plane touched back down securing its title as the world’s first 100% biofuel flight.

This historic flight symbolizes a significant step not only for the aerospace industry, but also towards advancing sustainable sources of renewable energy.

“It is truly inspiring to take this step towards an eco-friendly future,” said the pilot of the National Research Council of Canada craft.

”This is a perfect example of how government and industry work together to bridge the gap between Canadian innovation and commercialization. The NRC, through our government’s investments, helps support the Canadian economy by enabling its partners to develop and bring effective sustainable energy solutions to market.”

The biofuel was made from oilseed crops and powered the engines of a Falcon 20 – one of NRC’s specifically equipped and best suited jet for this challenge. It was the first time a jet aircraft was powered by 100 percent, un-blended, renewable jet fuel that meets petroleum jet fuel specifications.

(READ the story from BBC)

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