Plessy and Ferguson descendents unite - www.plessyandferguson.orgThey represent the opposing principals in one of the Supreme Court’s landmark blunders, Plessy v. Ferguson, which upheld the constitutionality of Jim Crow laws mandating segregation under the “separate but equal” doctrine.

The descendent of the man who tested Louisiana’s law requiring separate railroad cars for whites and blacks and the great-great-granddaughter of the judge who upheld it met in 2004.

She felt the need to apologize. He said there was no need to do so and suggested a union instead.

Now, they run a civil rights education organization bearing their famous names, the Plessy & Ferguson Foundation. They created the Foundation to perpetuate the truth that separate but equal is inherently unequal when decisions are made based on race.

(READ the full story in the Washington Post) – Thanks to Kevin for sending the link!

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