This plus-size yogi can rock any pose and, at the same time, inspire 128K fans with every stretch.

Dana Falsetti, a self-labeled believer in all bodies, works as a yoga instructor traveling the country to teach workshops on body-positive fundamentals. She has come a long way since college.

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Dana weighed 300 pounds then, and struggled with binge-eating and depression. After hitting the gym and adding more nutrition-rich foods to her diet, she lost 70 pounds but still did not feel the fulfillment she had hoped for.

Then she tried yoga.

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“I practice yoga because it is the first and only thing I’ve found that has given me the space to see myself as I am,” says Dana on her Facebook. “I didn’t think I was worthy of happiness. A lot of us feel like that and it shows in different ways.”

With over 128k followers on her Instagram, Dana’a expressions of yogic self-love have inspired thousands to believe in themselves and their bodies – no matter the size.

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“The only thing I’ve ever wanted to get across is that you are absolutely allowed to love yourself. In any body, any situation, at any time. And you can do that while moving towards a healthier place in body, mind, and spirit.”

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