Every time we put something about lemonade stands on our Facebook page, we get a ton of comments about cops shutting down the stand of some local kids somewhere because they don’t have a “permit.”

Well, if you’re a kid in Leominster, Massachusetts, you are free to celebrate today, on National Lemonade Day—and every day—with your own beverage stand, because they are not going to shut you down.

Chief of Police Bob Healey says he noticed a few comments posted on their Facebook page asking why young lemonade entrepreneurs aren’t “shut down and ordered to cease and desist all operations of sales” if they failed to secure a permit. So he answered with this definitive policy:

“Fine folks here of LemonTown, I, Chief Healey, tell you now that our department will never shut down a young child’s lemonade stand! My officers enjoy a cold cup of lemonade, particularly on these scorching and muggy days. While hydrating the community, the kids are also learning about fiscal responsibility, community service and well- just being a good kid having good old fashioned fun.” lemondade stand ToanLamPhoto

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“In fact, please share by private messaging or if you want to, pick up that old fashioned telephone and give us a call telling us where and when your stand will be operating,” he concluded. “If we’re able to, we’ll stop down to support you.”

Now that’s really sweet.

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