Cop Giving Ice Cream-Youtube

Every driver knows the nerve-wracking feeling of seeing police lights in their rear view mirror, but what about the sweet relief of being given an ice cream cone instead of a ticket?

WATCHCrowds Line Up to Hug Police Officers in Dallas

Officer Brian Warner and Police Chief Kevin Lands of the Halifax Police Department in Virginia spent a swelteringly hot day pulling drivers over and claiming they were in violation of a vehicle code only to declare it’s “against the law” to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone.

(WATCH the video below)


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  1. I worked for 30 years in an East Coast department. One of my duties was motorcycle patrol on the “strip”; the main thoroughfare where tourists cruised. We had several military bases in the area and the strip attracted young men and women who’d purchased sport motorcycles, usually their first bike, to be cool at the beach. I’d occasionally see one of them doing something stupid and needed to take enforcement action.
    I’d pull over the entire group, and instead of issuing the violator a summons for the act, I issued every one of them a “summons” to appear at a local breakfast shop the following Saturday, ready to ride. After their first reaction of disbelief, most of these folks actually took me up on it. So after breakfast, I led them on my own sport bike to the gloriously twisty roads known only to seasoned local riders who actively sought them out. We established rules and rode with respect for everyone while still having an enormously good time. We’d make a whole day out of it and I made many friends who I still ride with today. Many of them credit me with their first exposure to the “real” riding that hooked them for life on a truly awesome pastime.

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