Photo by OSP Regut

A Polish politician is being hailed as a hero across the political spectrum after he rescued a toddler and his father from a burning car earlier this week.

Reporters say that 43-year-old Robert Biedron witnessed the automotive collision from his own vehicle on the road in Tabor.

The party leader and MEP then rushed to the aid of the injured driver and his 2-year-old son so he could tend to them until emergency crews arrived.

Not only that, OSP Regut firefighters say that “like a real fireman,” Biedron tackled the burning car with a fire extinguisher.

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The fire department then published a photo of the politician to Facebook so they could praise him for his heroic actions and ask their followers if they were aware of the man’s identity.

Once he was recognized as the left-leaning Biedron—the first openly gay politician to be elected to the Polish parliament in 2011—his story was shared by left- and right-wing citizens and news outlets nationwide.

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